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Modulus , following an ever-ascendant course in the field of next generation telecommunications, is able to offer innovative services which cover ideally your business' communication needs.

By exploiting new cloud technologies and attracting the most specialized staff, we create all the conditions to be able to meet your current and anticipate your future needs. Our priority is to create a new experience in telephone communication, free of conventional telephony constraints. By adopting the most sophisticated technologies and developing infrastructures of high standards and reliability, we seek excellence in all areas, always on the basis of your own benefit.

Our goal is to provide technically sound solutions that directly contribute to reducing the operating costs of your business and are immediately adaptable to your ever changing demands. Based on internationally widespread technologies and open standards, we ensure the interoperability of our services and protect your business from encapsulation in solutions with an "expiration date".

Respecting the peculiarities of each business and its people, we seek to establish relationships based on honesty, understanding and devotion. Discover the diversity of modulus, contact us and learn how you can benefit from our solutions with minimal modifications and investments.

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We are always open to proposals for new collaborations!

If you think our services are intriguing and believe that you can contribute by joining our group, we will be glad to receive your email at in order to meet you in person and discuss the goals you hope to achieve with us!


Modulus is committed to providing high-quality VoIP telecommunications services through its organized work environment, efficient business processes, compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 standard and a continuous effort to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

Our main priority regarding quality assurance is to satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers through the continuous evolution of our
processes and systems. For a continuous improvement of the customer experience and our business processes we apply the following:

  • Systematic management of our customers' complaints as well as the identification, analysis, adjustment and prevention of problems
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 standard
  • A continuous effort to reduce the Customer Service Response Times
  • An Internal and External Program (to suppliers, partners, etc.) of Inspections
  • Questionnaire Surveys to evaluate the services provided, the customer experience, the margins for improvement, etc.

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