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Modulus presents modFAX software, a platform which provides email to FAX and FAX to email services for sending and receiving FAX via email. This software may be installed on a hardware or virtual server and is based on Linux operating system and Asterisk, a popular telephony software.

modFAX does not require a connection with physical telephony circuits such as BRI, PSTN or PRI lines, since it is compatible with the SIP VoIP protocol as well as the T.38 protocol, which is used to send and receives FAX via IP networks (FoIP). These factors make it a rather flexible system, drastically reducing your telecommunication costs and providing the ability to utilise multiple communication channels on your FAX server.

Some of the system's capabilities are the following:

  • Incoming faxes are sent to predefined email addresses as attached PDF files.
  • Send FAX by sending a simple email. The fax content can either be the body of the email itself, or an attached PDF file.
  • Mass mailing FAX by sending a single email. The recipents' FAX numbers can be inserted in the subject of the email or attach a CSV file which contains a list of recipients (which can be unlimited).
  • Include cover pages.
  • Send personalised FAX. The system can add text οverlays in any FAX page, seperately for each recipient, facilitating the mass mailing of personalided FAX.
  • Multiple channel utilisation in order to simultaneously send and receive multiple faxes, drastically reducing sending time.
  • Receive an email report for both successful and unsuccessful attempts to send FAX.
  • Automatically send FAX again in case of unsuccessful delivery (e.g. in case the recepient's FAX device is busy), up to a predefined number of new attempts.
  • Automatic priority setting during FAX sending, so as to distribute available telephony resources in the most effcient way among service users.
  • Administration web interface, allowing system administrators to parameterize the software, have access to previously sent or received FAX and export data about said FAX in a CSV file.
  • Send and receive FAX via smartphones or any other device with the capability to send email.
  • Use the FAX server from any company branch, utilising email technology.

Each department (or employee) can have their own FAX number, since the cost per number equals to less than 1€ per month.



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