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Call Centre analytics

Data is the new gold

How many calls were answered this month? What are the peak hours and days? What's going on in the call centre right now?

These are only some of the questions that call centre supervisors and managers have every day. With Asternic, all these questions can be answered quickly and easily through relevant searches, dashboards or reports, for past or real-time data.

Also, there is the possibility to customize your reports, using your formulas and metrics.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts for monitoring of call centre KPIs

Would you like to know when your customers are waiting for more than 30 seconds?

With Asternic, you can plan to receive smart alerts that will indicate when a particular variable exceeds a specific value you have set.

With smart alerts, you will be able to monitor your call centre performance intelligently and automatically, according to your KPIs, and detect any deviations and problems as soon as possible.

Easy Supervision

Supervisors love Asternic

With Asternic, supervisors can see details and statistics about the call centre activity, even in real-time.

They are also allowed to listen to a call (spy) or coach their agents during a live call by picking up their phone and "whisper" some suggestions to the agent. Supervisors can also listen to calls if they have been recorded.

Scheduled Reports

Monday morning is for analytics

Would you like to receive specific reports on the call centre activity every Monday at 11? There is a way!

You can plan to receive specific reports in your email on specific days and times.

So in case you forget to check the call centre analytics during the week, the email with the scheduled reports will act as a reminder for you.

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User Management

The User Management tool allows you to create, delete users and define their rights at a user, admin, agent or supervisor level. Each user can take on multiple roles, and their roles can be changed anytime.

Permission Management

Asternic Call Center Stats PRO has its own access control system that allows the administrator to assign specific queues or agents to a specific user. It also allows the admin to limit access to certain reports or actions via the token-based ACL system.

Predefined Reports

There are multiple available predefined reports for you to check on. These reports can depict information such as the call distribution, the answered calls, the abandoned calls and the agent performance per month, week, day, queue and URL.

Scheduled Reports & Alarms

The Scheduled Reports feature allows you to select multiple reports and receive them in your email on specific days and hours. This reports can also include smart alerts in case a specified variable has exceeded a given value.

Spy Calls

With the spy feature, any user can listen to a live call (spy). This feature is useful for supervision or onboarding of new employees.


Would you like to whisper some comments to your "agents" through an invisible spy earpiece; Now it is possible! Supervisors can now coach their agents real-time during a live call by picking up their phone and "whisper" some suggestions to the agent.

Call Recording

All calls can be recorded and listened to directly through a functional player or downloaded as an mp3 file.

Realtime Data

With Asternic, you can view real-time data about the call centre activity, such as the agent activity, the calls in the waiting queue, timers, etc.

Report Designer

You can customize the reports based on your metrics and formulas, directly through the Report Designer tool, without any coding.

Inline Help

With inline help, you can see detailed explanations for each stage of the call routing in each queue by placing the cursor (mouse hover) above the field you are interested in.

Search Form

The search form allows you to search for data for a specific call by searching by Caller Id, Agent, Queue, Call Duration, unique ID and date range.

Pdf & CSV Export

You have the option to download any data you need in a detailed report in PDF (for better visual representation) or CSV (for easy data processing in cells)

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