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Step 1: Dialing a number

Step 2: Welcome message

Step 3: While on hold

Step 4: Conversation

The user calls a geographical number from any cellular or home phone number belonging to any telephony provider.

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Detailed Description

The purpose of the call2call service is to provide with the capability to call a geographical number, and forward the call to one or more destinations.

The call2call service is addressed to:

  • enterprises that are interested in advertising third party products or services through their website (e.g. delivery service menus, restaurants, shows, other enterprises etc)
  • enterprises which are interested in performing outgoing calls to high charge destinations and benefit from the inexpensive charges offered by modulus' telephony network.

In particular, each guest calls a home phone number and is automatically connected to a predefined telephone connection, without knowing the number he has been connected to.

The call2call service offers the following features:

  • outgoing calls to all Greek and foreign telephony networks
  • barring certain destinations from being called
  • call history archives
  • setting a recorded message which is played during call initiation (e.g. for call waiting, advertisements, special offers etc)
  • administration panel, configurable and adjustable according to the client's needs (maximum call duration, caller ID etc)
  • controlled access through which the active hours of the service are configured

The call2call service comes with a variety of advantages such as:

  • easy installation
  • reduced communication cost applied due to call forwarding from foreign numbers, thus benefiting from the inexpensive charges offered by modulus' telephony network.
  • control over pricing for promotion of services and products through call history
  • charges are applied to you, not the original caller

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