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How it works

Step 1: Inserting a number

Step 2: Welcome message

Step 3: While on hold

Step 4: Conversation

The user types a telephone number (cellural or fixed number) in the form you have designed on your website.

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Detailed Description

The click2call service is addressed to enterprises that are interested in integrating the capability for their guests to perform calls easily and immediately, towards one of their representatives, through their website .

In particular, each guest inserts his phone number (cellular or home phone number) in the form designed on your web page, and your predefined number automatically calls back at the number previously inserted in the form.

The click2call service offers the following features:

  • outgoing calls to all Greek and foreign telephony networks
  • barring certain destinations from being called
  • call history archives
  • setting a recorded message which is played during call initiation (e.g. for call waiting, advertisements, special offers etc)
  • administration panel, configurable and adjustable according to the client's needs (maximum call duration, caller ID etc)
  • controlled access through which the active hours of the service are configured

The click2call service comes with a variety of advantages such as:

  • easy placement on the exact spot of your choice in your web site
  • faster customer service
  • increased online sales
  • charges are applied to you and not on your clients

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