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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the most modern method of telephone communication.

The difference with traditional telephony is that voice transmission is achieved through the Internet, without any geographical limitation on its use.

VoIP telephony has many benefits and, in combination with the innovative services developed by modulus for you, offers new communication capabilities.


Step One - Access to the Internet

Step Two - Get IP Devices

Step Three - Become a Subscriber

Step Four - Enjoy our services

Ensure access to the Internet with the provider of your choice.

More than one connection to the Internet can provide you with the unique feature of high availability.

Ask us to help you properly set up your router to ensure the quality of service (QoS).

Why VoIP from modulus?


High Availability

Take advantage of multiple connections to the Internet from landline and mobile networks.

For example, even if the Internet line is damaged, our services will still support your business phones!

HD Voice Support

Speak to the phone with other modulus compatible network subscribers with superior quality than ISDN digital circuits!

The modulus network supports HD Voice (wideband audio) audio encoding for crystal-clear performance of your voice transmission!

Multiple lines

Available capacity  connection for up to 30 concurrent conversations via an ADSL Internet line!

Using faster connections (eg VDSL), simultaneous call capacity can be even greater!

Software instead of phonedevice

If you are using a PC in your workstation, then there is no reason to get a telephone!

Use modulus telephony service by installing free software on your computer!

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