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Voip Overview

We are different

Modulus is one of the first Greek companies to have visualized a new reality in the telecommunications scene since 2009 when it obtained the necessary authorization from the corresponding regulatory authority.

As proof of the commitment to innovation and the credibility of its services, modulus has a team of specialized software engineers which develops quality software internally for its infrastructures, ensuring continuous improvement of services as well as a more direct response to the needs of subscribers.


Infrastructure in Greece

Our network and information systems infrastructures are maintained by us and are installed in Greece so that you can enjoy high quality services.

Owned Infrastructure

All equipment used to provide our services is owned by our company, ensuring maximum response times and full control over its specifications.


Our services are designed and developed by us, offering unique features and personalization capabilities, features that are not offered by the standardized commercial platforms of other providers.


All the subsystems our services rely upon, from the fire protection infrastructure to our network equipment and connections, are protected by dual or multiple backup setups, ensuring their availability.

We certainly have a service package that suits your needs!


We know your work subject

We offer highly flexible telephony services tailored to your business model in order to meet your particular needs.

On the foundations of Greek Internet

We participate as a peer in the GR-IX interconnection network, having direct connections with most Internet providers and other eXchange members.

Emphasis on safety

Security in your communication is a priority. We have specific procedures and provisions to ensure it, in full compliance with the requirements of applicable legislation and the recommendations of the Communications Privacy Ensurance Authority.

Without compromises

The quality we offer ensures conversations without delay or voice alteration. Our goal is by no means to provide the most economical service in the market without regard for its quality.

Unique Support

Communicate with qualified technicians regarding your service, who will keep track of your request until its resolution, without having to repeat the same information to a different employee on each call.

Research on your network

We are the only VoIP service provider to offer you a solution to ensure the availability of Internet access so that your most critical services are served in priority.

Special Applications

We undertake the development of specialized applications such as CRM - ERP - CTI, integrating them with telephony services.

Continuous improvement

We are not complacent. Our services are constantly developing for the addition of new features, but also for backend improvements in terms of security, quality, availability, purchasing experience and support.

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