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We build it according to your needs!

Modulus vPBX service integrates the functions we are used to seeing in advanced digital call centers.

And all this without having to invest significant amounts in equipment and infrastructure!

By combining each unique feature of modulus vPBX you can obtain a call center tailored to your needs, utilizing the high availability and reliability capabilities of modulus' network infrastructure.

Choose a feature from the list below to find out how it can help you!

Interactive Voice Response

Voice Gateway with menu options for the subsequent routing of each call to the appropriate destinations

Ring Groups

Groups of devices that receive the same calls simultaneously or according to a priority policy


Priority queues for serving a large volume of calls by a small number of agents

Time Conditions

Different call handling depending on time and day. Preset options for holidays.


Pre-recorded messages to inform callers before performing call routing


Teleconference service for three or more participants with optional PIN protection

Voicemail to e-mail

Receive voicemail messages as an attached mp3 audio file to an email


Public phone numbers that all network subscribers can call to converse with a destination in your center

Virtual Extensions

Virtual extensions are three-digit or four-digit numbers that you use for internal (vPBX) communication

PSTN Destinations

Include an external destination (e.g., a mobile connection) in your virtual call center

Direct Inward System Access

Use your call center even when you do not have access to the Internet

Group Pick-Up

Answer a call routed to a group's extension from your device

Directed Pickup

Answer a call routed to an individual extension from your device

Fax to e-mail

Receive incoming fax messages as PDF attachments to a preset email address

E-mail to Fax

With the email2Fax service you do not need a fax machine to send faxes. Outgoing faxes are sent via email as PDF attachments.

We certainly have a vPBX package that suits you!

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