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vPBX - Eικονικό τηλεφωνικό κέντρο νέας γενιάς

Analog phone systems are so last century

Revitalize Your Telephony Infrastructure today with a vPBX

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Ακόμα έχεις αναλογικό τηλεφωνικό κέντρο;

Move your PBX in the cloud and work from anywhere

Work from the airport, your vaction house or from home

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Μετέφερε την επικοινωνία της επιχείρησης σου στο cloud και δούλεψε από οπουδήποτε

What is a vPBX?

Imagine if you don't have to be in the office to answer a call. You could be at your beach house and receive an office call simultaneously on your mobile phone and laptop. Depending on the time of the day, the customers will listen to a different welcoming message and will be able to use a menu to specify their needs.

The above is only one of the scenarios that a virtual PBX can bring to life.

A vPBX is a virtual phone system (Asterisk-based) hosted in the cloud that utilizes VoIP technology to deliver voice communications over the internet.

It is flexible, easily scalable, ideal for remote-work, economical and a highly sophisticated phone system.

Download here the detailed vPBX service presentation

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Reap all the benefits!

Lower Cost

✓ Low fixed cost starting from 50€/year

✓ No need for Upfront Investment in IT Infrastructure

✓ No Hardware needed

✓ Low call charges for domestic and international calls (when combined with our VoIP telephony services)

✓ Low Maintenance Cost & Free Support

cheap virtual pbx- pbx on a budget
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Work from anywhere

✓ Access your business call centre/phone system from anywhere

✓ Receive incoming office calls to multiple devices (e.g. laptop, smartphone) simultaneously

✓ You only need an Internet connection, a compatible device and a subscription to our services to connect to such a virtual phone system

✓ Your business employees will be able to receive office calls from their laptops while working from home

Flexible & scalable phone system

✓ Expand your vPBX phone system as your business grows easily, anytime and with no extra cost

✓ Forget all the complex hard-wiring of an old-fashioned PBX

✓ Compatible with multiple devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet or a VoIP phone)

✓ No vendor or system lock-in

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It has all the features that you need

features vpbx

Highly sophisticated

vPBX has a wide range of features such as:

✓ Pre-recorded welcome announcements

✓ IVR Menus where users press specific numbers (e.g. Pressing 1 to learn order status) depending on their needs to be directed to the appropriate destinations (e.g. Customer Care Department)

✓ Time Conditions that route an incoming call differently depending on the current time and date

✓ Queues that apply priority to calls

✓ Virtual Extensions that let employees contact their colleagues internally

vPBX has all the functionalities of a sophisticated phone system/PBX!


Solutions for new facilities or for upgrading functionality

IP Phone Device

for your home and office

DECT IP Wireless Phone

for indoor wireless communication

Portable WiFi Phone Device

for wireless communication in premises with WiFi coverage

Fax machine or T.38 software

to send and receive faxes without using an analog gateway

Free solutions

Application on Smartphone / Tablet

to have a fixed line wherever a 3G / 4G or WiFi network is available

Software on P/C

for zero acquisition costs and special applications (e.g. call centre)

Solutions for utilizing existing equipment

Digital PRI / BRI Circuit Gateway

to connect conventional TDM technology call centers

Analog FXS / FXO Circuit Gateway

to use simple analog devices or fax machines

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