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Unrestricted communication

Combine modulus telephony services with the innovative modulus virtual call center service vPBX to facilitate the communication of colleagues working in branches or from home, not just with other employees, but also with your customers.

Your incoming calls can be served by your employees in your offices or in remote locations without any call forwarding, without additional charges and without the caller being aware of the difference!

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Connect securely to your corporate network

By using Virtual Private Network technologies, you can securely connect to your company's corporate network over the Internet from any remote location.

This gives you access to any resource on your company's internal network (shared folders, databases, printers) without endangering the integrity of your infrastructure.

Communication for nomadic users

Since modulus telephony services are offered over the Internet, remote users do not have to always be at a fixed location.

Install appropriate software on a smartphone or tablet with a 3G / LTE connection and communicate with the other extensions as well as destinations outside of your call center as if you were in your office!

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Telephony services over the Internet for professionals and businesses

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Virtual call center services over the Internet, without purchasing and installing equipment in your premises

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Design, planning and installation of computer network infrastructure

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