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When a device is configured to function with modulus telephony services, its operation does not change when moving between your home and office, or between Greece and abroad.

Your associates still call you on your fixed number and your colleagues still call you on your extension number. No one will know that you are answering the call from another country unless of course you tell them!

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No roaming charges!

Connect to a WiFi network in your country of destination and make calls via a special application on your smartphone or tablet to any destination you want, with the same rates as if you were calling from your office!

For added convenience, take your desktop phone device with you and plug it into your room's Ethernet port. As long as the hotel offers access to the Internet, the device will work just like it does in your office, both for inbound and for outbound calls!

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Incredibly low rates for calls abroad!

If you need to call your partners traveling abroad to a phone number local to the country they are visiting (for example, if your partner does not have Internet access) there is no reason to worry! Modulus telephony service charges are extremely low even for calling abroad destinations: for example, the rates to all European Union fixed numbers are the same as national fixed numbers' rates!



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