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Virtual conference rooms for conversations between 3 or more parties

Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

The teleconferencing service is included in most virtual call center modulus vPBX packages.

By using said service, you can converse with three or more partners and customers simultaneously, from internal or external lines, without the need for multiple telephone connections in your premises, as communication is achieved over the Internet as well as modulus' VoIP services.

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Sound Waves

High Definition Sound

As the number of interlocutors grows, it is often more difficult to distinguish their words. Modulus network can improve the ability to distinguish conversations, as it supports communication with high-definition sound (HD Voice) using compatible equipment.

HD Voice encoding uses twice the frequency of voice samples compared to conventional quality, resulting in a much more accurate representation of the sound at the end of our interlocutor.

Telephone number for teleconferencing

In the modulus network, a new phone number costs only 15 € annually.

Thus you can acquire a new phone number exclusively for use in virtual conferencing rooms so that your interlocutors can connect directly to the conference call even from connections out of your call center, without having to manually transfer each line.




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