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Without purchasing equipment!

With the modulus virtual call center service not only do you not have to purchase a PBX device, but also you get rid of the cost of operating and maintaining this equipment!

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Fair charges!

If you are receiving double play services from a telephony provider, you are most likely paying a monthly fee for "unlimited" calls regardless of whether or not you use the phone line. In addition, the charges after exceeding the preset calls of the double play packages are often excessive.

With modulus telephony you are charged only for the time you used your phone, while call charges are applied per second, without imposing a minimum call duration.

Remove monthly fees!

If you need multiple phone lines to have an equal number of simultaneous conversations with your partners or customers, you are most likely to be paying for each of them. By transferring your numbers to the modulus network, you maintain the capacity of your lines, while at the same time you remove all their connections and fees. All your calls will now be served through a single Internet connection.

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Free intercom!

With modulus virtual call center service (vPBX), you communicate free of charge not only for calls between your branches but also with partners out of office who have installed the appropriate VoIP client software on their smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, communication between modulus subscribers is completely free!



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