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Large capacity without excessive standard fees

With modulus VoIP telephony services, you can enjoy a large capacity in your phone connections, utilising your Internet connection. VoIP technology allows the removal of standard fees of multiple phone lines , since a typical ADSL connection can support up to 20 simultaneous conversations depending on its quality features.

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Address Book

Automate dialing

If your agents dial phone numbers manually from a list, you can significantly improve their productivity and automate the callback and follow-up process using a dialer tool.

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Bulk sending of personalized faxes

With the modFAX software solution by modulus, you can send bulk faxes from modulus telephony circuits (not exclusively) in an automated and personalized fashion.

Just attach the recipient list along with the salutations you want to be typed in the personalized message that will be sent to each recipient on an email. The transmission will begin immediately and you will be able to track the progress of the process in real time.




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