Free phone communication for visitors to your website

To encourage and facilitate communication between customers and your enterprise

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Attract new customers from your website

Your website is probably the main means of display for your business. However, have you wondered how many sales opportunities were lost because the visitor never proceeded to contact you?

Modulus click2call service encourages the communication of your website's visitors with you, increasing the chances for a successful sale.The visitor completes his or her own phone number in a form on your website and then immediately receives a call from the system.

If this call is answered, then the phone connection with your company is added to complete the overall connection and the customer talks with your company representative.

modulus five digits help center number

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Step 1: Inserting a number

Step 2: Welcome message

Step 3: While on hold

Step 4: Conversation

The user types a telephone number (cellural or fixed number) in the form you have designed on your website.


To receive calls directly from your website

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