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    Speech to Text

    Savings of human and financial resources, process automation, upgraded customer experience, and improved data collection/management capabilities are just some benefits of the Speech to Text telephony application by modulus.


Google AI & modulus Ultimate Powers

Our Speech to Text app is the final product that emerged through the full use of Google’s AI platform’s capabilities (Cloud Speech-to-Text) and the modulus team’s passion for delivering high-end telephony applications fully adapted to each customer’s needs. Some powers you can enjoy by deploying it are mentioned below:

Linguistic liberty

Global Language Support

Google’s mighty AI-based speech recognition lets us support 125 languages ​​and their variants, making Speech to Text a truly global service.


High-standard UX

Real-time Speech Recognition

We proudly proclaim our app’s real-time speech recognition and speech analysis powers, promising to deliver an outstanding user experience to your customers.

  • Hassle-free Hosting

    On-premises or Cloud

    You can deploy our Speech to Text both on-premise or on cloud infrastructure.

  • Noise resilience

    HD Speech Recognition

    Ability to recognize the voice in noisy environments with spectacular voice-to-text rendering.

  • Information processing

    Content Filtering

    Content filtering capabilities through specific word exceptions.


Use Cases

Speech to Text Applications

The results of Google’s AI Speech Text Analysis can be leveraged by modulus’s special applications to serve diverse objectives, such as:

  • modulus_speech2text_features

    Call Routing

    Within the call centers framework, the results are used to determine the subsequent call routing (e.g., call routing to a ring group or queue).

  • modulus_speech2text_features

    Interoperability (3rd-party systems)

    Speech2Text information can be handed to third-party systems (e.g., database lookup), which in turn will inform the successive call routing.

  • modulus_speech2text_features

    Telephone Campaigns/Surveys

    Speech to Text is ideal for running any telephone surveys and campaigns, ensuring timely and accurate information collection.

  • speech2text_analysis_modulus

    Data Storage

    Insights collected through speech-to-text analysis can be stowed in dedicated databases.


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