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About us

The Story of modulus

modulus was founded in 2007 by people full of passion for technology.


Although in our first steps, we were active mostly in the fields of computer networks and automation, as soon as we entered the field of telecommunications, we realized that there was no turning back.


We considered that the telecommunications industry still had many development opportunities. So, we set a dominant goal to create a new telephony experience free from the limitations of conventional fixed telephony. And we did it!


After more than 10 years of experience, we continue to follow an ever-increasing trend in next-generation telecommunications. We feel proud to be the No1 VoIP Telephony Provider in Greece.

  • Our vision

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to develop and maintain our leading position in the telecommunications market, offering perfect solutions to our subscribers. We have created a working environment where respect, teamwork, trust, and a customer-centric approach prevail to achieve this.

  • Our mission

    Our Mission

    We seek the development of our activity to be inextricably linked with the development of our customers’ activities. That is why our mission is to provide technically sound and innovative solutions that contribute to reducing business operating costs and are directly adapted to the market’s ever-changing demands.

  • Our values

    Our Values

    • modulus_respect_customers


      We are always open to dialogue, with absolute respect for the needs of our customers and partners. Through this process, we make sure to become better and evolve.

    • modulus_transparency_attitude

      Integrity & Honesty

      We have clear goals, policies, and conditions, which we communicate directly and openly. We work with ethics and transparency in what we do, as we believe that trust is cultivated with honesty and integrity.

    • modulus_customer_centric_approach

      Customer-Centric Approach

      All these years, we have remained faithful to our vision! We have established a customer-centric approach, as our priority is to offer the best services professionally. We want to be a model for our partners and customers at the level of service, building quality and long-term relationships of trust with them.

    • modulus_teamwork_culture

      Initiative & Teamwork

      We encourage our people to create, dare and grow through their work, providing them with a high-quality, non-discriminatory work environment. We are constantly strengthening and enriching the culture of modulus based on common goals and team spirit and giving space to new ideas and initiatives.



Active phone numbers

We serve numerous businesses from every sector of the Greek economy. Our ~40 colleagues are always willing to serve and cover your every need. We offer a wide geographic number coverage in Greece, being able to serve more than 80 Greek cities. We can provide geographic numbers from over 60 countries. Furthermore, we have set up and continuously support 1800+ PBX systems for our subscribers.

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How We Do It

The Ingredients Of Our Successful Recipe

Sophisticated technologies, IT infrastructures of high standards, highly specialized personnel, and a focus on quality and continuous improvement.

  • Cutting_edge_technology_by_modulus

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    We capitalize on the most sophisticated technologies to offer high-quality telephony services that do not have an expiration date.

  • modulus_reliable_infrastructure

    Reliable Infrastructure

    We have owned infrastructure in Greece and backup systems, and we are a peer in the GR-IX interconnection network that enables us to ensure high-quality services to our customers.

  • modulus_specialized_staff

    Specialized Personnel

    Our people are highly specialized in VoIP technology and never cease to evolve.

  • modulus_our_culture

    Our Culture

    Our laid-back yet professional culture is one of our biggest strengths. modulus employees feel content, respected, and free to express themselves; consequently, they give their utmost.

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