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    Fax Smarter with Email to Fax

    Email to Fax by modulus is a service that facilitates your business outbound faxes. The service enables the subscriber to send faxes from X amount of predefined email accounts.


Commercial Requirements & Charges

Using our Email to Fax service requires being at least a subscriber to our starter pack of modulus vPBX, which comes only at €50/year. Of course, by opting in for other more premium vPBX packages, the number of email addresses using the service is growing.


As Email2Fax is part of an additional service, the cost of preserving the number is valid (as in the Fax2Mail service), while outgoing faxes are charged as outgoing calls based on our airtime charges.

Email to Fax by modulus

How to Send a Fax via Email?

While developing the Email to Fax application, our team of experts constantly kept in mind how to keep the entire process simple and time-efficient to optimize your organization’s communication and integrate faxing into the digital age. The steps are simple:

  • Steps


    PDF Attachment

    Attach the assembled PDF file to a new message via the declared email address to the unique email address (we appointed and have already notified you about it).

  • Steps


    Number in Subject Line

    Fill the recipient’s phone number in the subject line.

  • Steps


    Send Fax

    Press the send button. On the other hand, fax acceptance begins.

  • Benefit 1

    Charge-Free Modification

    Zero cost when configuring the service.

  • Benefit 2


    Eliminate your organization’s environmental footprint and spare your business from printing paper and fax machines.

  • Benefit 3

    Bulk Faxing (outbound)

    You can use our service to execute a fax campaign by attaching a CSV file with multiple receivers.

  • Benefit 4

    Multifunctional Number

    The phone number displayed as the fax sender’s number can also serve incoming calls simultaneously, as it is used for the Email2Fax service, in contrast to the Fax to Email service.

  • Benefit 5

    Affordable Cost

    Reasonable annual service fee as a part of vPBX service.

  • Benefit 6

    Activation in 1 Day

    We are activating and modifying the Email to Fax service within a working day.

  • Benefit 7

    24/7 Technical Support

    Experience the unparalleled, free-of-charge technical support of modulus experts.


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