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    The Integrated Political Campaign Toolbox

    The “Integrated Political Campaign Toolbox” fully covers every aspect of your telecommunications needs as you run for parliamentary or local elections.


Political Toolbox by modulus

VoIP Telephony Service

  • Use of infinite voice channels
  • Calls handling via any device connected to the Internet (desktops, laptops, IP phones, etc.)
  • Inexpensive charges for domestic calls, with maximum coverage of 60 plus geographical areas
  • Affordable international calling rates
  • Telephony service compatible with all SIP-based call centers
  • Low service fee, just 15€/year
  • No need for specialized equipment

Political Toolbox by modulus

modulus Messaging Platform

  • Bulk messaging capabilities
  • Ability to personalize messages
  • Message termination to domestic and international destinations
  • Transparent pricing policy: Zero contractual obligations, with the possibility of purchasing prepaid packages

modulus can take over the entire management and processing of the campaigns upon agreement (Account Management Service).


Political Toolbox by modulus

Integrated Call Center Service

  • “Plug & Play” feature: Service activation within a business day
  • Zero investment needs in infrastructure and specialized equipment
  • Fully equipped with avant-garde cloud call center features (IVR, Time Conditions, Welcome Messages, Queues, Power & Predictive, Dialers, etc)
  • Compatible with Autodialer service
  • Free, 24/7 technical support

Political Toolbox by modulus

Autodialer Service

  • Mass communication via pre-recorded voice messages

100% political message delivery with automated pre-recorded voice messages upon incoming and outbound calls.


As a stand-alone solution, account management services are provided.


Let’s Run The Elections Together

Now that you have a 360 communications toolkit that you can use in part or in full, with maximum personalization powers to convey your political vision to your target audience, accompanied by real-time intelligence to optimize your campaign as you go, are you ready to win this election?

  • VoIP_telephony_modulus

    VoIP Telephony

    Take the chance to reach out to the electorate with inexpensive international and domestic calling rates.

  • call_centers_solutios_modulus

    Call Center

    Upgrade the telecommunication powers of your political office during the election rally.

  • modulus_messaging_platform


    Set up and run your political campaign via fully personalized text messages.


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