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    mMP: The Power of Business Messaging

    mMP is an efficient and inexpensive solution for holistic messaging communication via SMS and Viber communication with your clientele. Enjoy high open rates of up to 98% in your marketing and business operations.


The Ultimate Messaging Platform

mMP is a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) which can be additionally integrated into any third-party platform, such as CRMs, ERPs and/or e-commerce platforms through API connections or free tailor-made plugins.


This versatile tool serves both promotional and operational purposes by facilitating alternative messaging communication between your organization and individual or group mobile users.



Supercharge Your Text Campaigns

  • Set up and manage your messaging campaigns easily.
  • Manage your account’s wallet to govern your campaigns.
  • Reach your target audience via different marketing channels.
  • Engage your target audience anywhere and at any time.
  • Create valuable & personalized relations with your audience.
  • Access full reporting and optimize your campaigns.
  • Keep various contact info and address your customers accordingly.
  • Increase your business revenues by setting the optimal campaigns.

A Win-Win Situation!

Slash your telecommunication costs at a glance!

Start VoIPing & Texting with the lowest charges available.

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Reach Anywhere, Anytime

Outbound SMS

mMP supports both domestic and international SMS traffic, allowing you to communicate with your audience no matter where it is located.

Our platform enables you to send individual and group bulk messages without any setup or monthly fees. Additionally, you can personalize your messages to make them more engaging and effective.

With our SMS credits that never expire, you can use our service at your convenience without any time limitations.

Experience hassle-free messaging like never before, and pay only for the sent messages!

Outbound SMS service subscriber recieve SMS sent confirmation

Engage Efficiently

Viber Messaging

Our platform makes it easy to connect with your audience at any time, whether you’re sending individual Viber messages or reaching out to groups.

With support for Rich Media and Plain Text messages, you can create engaging content that captures your audience’s attention. Plus, with up to 1000 characters per message, you’ll have plenty of freedom to spread your business messages.

Equip yourself with an efficient and cheap communication channel for high-volume messaging (around 1/2 of the SMS price) and pay only for the delivered messages, not just sent.

A promo message sent with mMP and the Viber Messaging service

Inbound Made Easy

Inbound SMS

Are you seeking a messaging platform to handle your inbound messaging needs? Look no further than our comprehensive solution!

Our platform offers an inbound message traffic attribute that lets you receive plain messages from SMS and Viber directly in your CRM or any other third-party platform.

Make sure to settle for a messaging platform that can handle your inbound messaging needs.

Choose our solution and start receiving messages with ease! Contact us today to learn more.

Happy man receives new SMS and Viber messages on his desktop

Reliable Delivery

Fallback Management

Introducing our Fallback Management feature – a game-changing addition to our comprehensive messaging platform that ensures your messages get delivered, no matter what.

Increase your business text messaging delivery rates as undelivered Viber messages are sent as SMS. Best of all, this feature comes at no extra cost to you.

Don’t let failed message delivery hold you back. Activate your Viber Account and take advantage of our Fallback Management feature today.

*Requires a Viber Account to be activated.

A Woman get notified on SMS delivery via mMP's Fallback2SMS

Engagement Boost

Interactive Messaging

With the Interactive Messaging solution, your mMP platform can automatically interact with your user database by replying to inbound messages, saving you valuable time and effort.

Whether you’re using SMS or Viber, our interactive messaging feature seamlessly integrates with your platform, allowing you to provide a more personalized and engaging experience for your audience.

Spare yourself from setup costs and monthly fees, and maintain the authority to reply manually to inbound messages if needed.

*Requires the Inbound Message Traffic feature to be enabled.

Taxi company sending an auto-generated response to a customer

Real-life scenarios

Corporate mMP Uses

Whether you run a B2C company or a B2B one, the modulus messaging platform is here to address the needs of every marketing or operational action.

  • Order Confirmations via modulus business messaging service

    Order Confirmation & Updates

    Inform your customers about their orders or appointments.

  • Additional sales funnel interactio points via mMP

    B2C Interaction Points

    Offer extra customer interaction points to fortify your business sales closing process efficacy.

  • OTPs and Safety codes distribute via mMP

    OTPs & Safety Codes

    Supply your customers with OTPs and safety codes for verification purposes.

  • Send business updates with modulus Messaging Platform

    Business Updates

    Inform customers about your business on changes upon T&Cs or change of hours due to holidays, vacations, etc.

  • Promo message via modulus Messaging Platform icon

    Promo Messages

    SMS marketing is the most efficient pathway to reach your customers or leads.

  • Investigate your customers' loyalty with mMP

    NPS Market Research

    Adopt mMP to investigate your brand’s loyalty levels and optimize your strategy accordingly.

  • Conducting Opinion Researches with modulus Messaging Platform

    Opinion Research

    Discover what your target audience says about a topic you want to investigate for marketing purposes.

  • SMS and Viber newsletter campaigns with mMP

    Newsletter Campaigns

    Use mMP’s mass messaging capabilities to run marketing campaigns with elevated open and engagement rates.

Invest in Effective Communication

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