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    modulus Messaging Platform

    modulus Messaging Platform is one of the most effective solutions for holistic messaging communication via SMS and Viber with your clientele and, at the same time, the ultimate tool for marketing & operational purposes.


The Ultimate Messaging Platform

mMP is a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) which can be additionally integrated into the users’ CRM platform through API use. This versatile tool serves both promotional and operational purposes by facilitating alternative messaging communication services between your organization and individual or group mobile users.


Outbound SMS

mMP supports both domestic and international SMS traffic, giving you the freedom to communicate with your audience no matter where they are located.


Our platform allows you to send individual and group BULK messages without setup or monthly fees. Plus, with our Personalization feature, you can address your audience on a more personalized level, making your messages more engaging and effective.


With our SMS credits that never expire, you can use our service at your convenience without any time limitations.


Experience hassle-free messaging like never before.



Viber Messaging

Our platform makes it easy to connect with your audience at any time, whether you’re sending individual viber messages or reaching out to groups.


With support for both Rich Media and Plain Text messages, you can create engaging content that captures your audience’s attention. Plus, with up to 1000 characters per message, you’ll have plenty of space to get your message across.


Best of all, our platform offers an efficient and cost-effective communication channel for big volumes. You can save up to 2/3 of the domestic SMS price and still reach your entire audience.



Fallback Management

Introducing our Fallback Management feature – a game-changing addition to our comprehensive messaging platform that ensures your messages get delivered, no matter what.


When a Viber message fails to be delivered, our platform automatically generates and sends an SMS to the same user, increasing the chances of your message being delivered to its intended recipient. Best of all, this feature comes at no extra cost to you.


Don’t let failed message delivery hold you back. Activate your Viber Account and take advantage of our Fallback Management feature today.



Inbound Messaging

Looking for a messaging platform that can handle your inbound messaging needs? Look no further than our comprehensive solution!


Our platform offers an inbound message traffic feature that allows you to easily receive plain messages from both SMS and Viber.


Don’t settle for a messaging platform that can’t handle your inbound messaging needs. Choose our solution and start receiving messages with ease! Contact us today to learn more.



Interactive Messaging

With interactive messaging feature, your platform can automatically interact with your user database by replying to inbound messages and saving you valuable time and effort.


Whether you’re using SMS or Viber, our interactive messaging feature seamlessly integrates with your platform, allowing you to provide a more personalized and engaging experience for your audience. Best of all, this feature is free to use, and you can choose to reply manually to inbound messages if needed.


To use this feature, the inbound message traffic feature must be enabled.


Platform Benefits

Get More Out of Your Messaging

Discover mMP’s diverse benefits, for your communication needs:

  • setup

    Easy Set Up & Management

    Intuitive interface that makes setting up and managing messaging campaigns a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to efficient communication with your audience.

  • multi-channel_communication

    Multi-Channel Communication

    Expand your reach and connect with your target audience across various marketing channels.

  • engagement


    Engage your target audience through different channels. Stay connected with them, anywhere and anytime.

  • personalized_relations

    Personalized Relations

    Create valuable and lasting relationships with your audience by addressing them personally and at the right time. Build loyalty and trust by reaching out to them in a way that shows you care about their individual needs and interests.

  • boost_business_revenues

    Boost Your Business Revenues

    Manage your campaign spending and ensure that you never exceed your budget. Control your messaging campaigns, target the right audience at the right time, and maximize your revenue potential.

  • ease_in_desicion_making

    Ease in Decision Making

    Make data-driven decisions with our platform’s full reporting feature. Get detailed insights into your campaign’s performance and optimize your messaging strategy to achieve your goals.


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