• mMP Integration Options

    Connect mMP with Third-Party Systems

    Unlock the full potential of your business messaging platform by integrating mMP with leading market systems, either through our offered plugins or by leveraging the native modulus API.


    We’re devoted to constantly expanding our catalog…

  • modulus-messaging-platfrom-native-api

    mMP Native API

    The mMP API lets you connect your business messaging platform with any website or application, offering remarkable flexibility and customization options.

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  • modulus-zapier-plugin


    Zapier enables you to link and integrate various applications with different functionalities into one unified solution. Discover how to integrate the modulus Messaging Platform into any platform via Zapier by following the link.

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  • Softone-plugin-by-modulus


    SoftOne ERP is one of the most widespread solutions for a company’s electronic data processing needs. Find out how to fully exploit the services offered by mMP through SoftOne ERP.

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  • modulus-woocommerce-plugin


    WooCommerce, arguably the most popular WordPress plugin, allows the development and management of an online store without any programming knowledge required. Follow the link to download the modulus WordPress plugin and follow the simplified installation instructions.

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  • modulus-messaging-platform-integration-with-infobell-crm

    Infobell CRM

    The InfoCRM solution is designed to automate the entire range of customer relationship management, such as leads, order tracking, promotion management, or service center support. It specializes in the operation of Greek call-centers and has ready-made workflows for the energy and telecommunications sectors.


    It interfaces with email, SMS, and Viber gateways for two-way communication, notifications, and data/document collection.


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