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    MS Teams with enterprise telephony features

    “VoIP conjoint its forces with MS Teams.” modulus integration allows you to effortlessly access your telephony services and make calls via the Microsoft Teams platform.


benefit 1

Bring “voice” to MS Teams

Direct routing allows Modulus subscribers who already use the Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform to access their telephony services via the Microsoft Teams platform. MS Teams obtain a new functionality as a telephony application in simple terms.


benefit 2

Any device, anytime, anywhere

By adopting Modulus MS Teams integration, you can manage your calls from any device (smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop) and from anywhere.


benefit 3

One app for all: Collaboration & Business Telephony concurrently!

Why use two different apps? Integrating MS Teams with modulus services will enable you to access our telephony services directly via Microsoft’s teams. Enjoy the perks of MS Teams, chat, collaboration, meetings, plus the Modulus services VoIP telephony and the Virtual PBX capacities.


benefit 4

Rapid deployment

There is nothing to worry about when setting up the MS Teams integration. It is a hassle-free process for your employees, as the whole configuration process is completed from the admin center just by following our directions.


Use cases

Unlock new Possibilities

Access the vast potential emerging from integrating our services with the Microsoft Teams platform.

  • modulus_ms_teams_integrations

    Answer a call at your phone from MS Teams.

    Always be there for your customers; answer incoming calls from anywhere using the built-in telephony application in MS Teams.

  • modulus_ms_teams_integrations

    Set up call forwarding rules.

    Better manage your business communication by forwarding calls to the appropriate endpoint.

  • modulus_ms_teams_integrations

    Organize your contacts into Groups.

    Sweeten how you handle internal and external communication by organizing your contacts into groups.

  • modulus_ms_teams_integrations

    Call anyone inside or outside your organization from MS Teams.

    Our integrated telephony application turns MS Teams into a call center for your business.

  • modulus_ms_teams_integrations

    Set-Up Delegates; colleagues that have the right to answer your calls.

    Choose which agents/devices can address calls on your behalf.

  • modulus_ms_teams_integrations

    Save Contacts to Speed-Dial.

    Make the call process faster and check which of your agents is available via Busy Lamp Field (BLF) at any given time.

  • modulus_ms_teams_integrations

    Configure Voicemail for your incoming calls through MS Teams.

    Define the spoken message that people calling you will listen to through Microsoft’s platform.

How does it work?

4-steps integration process

We’ve made sure that our MS Teams integration process will be easy to follow. You only need to comply with Microsoft 365 Business requirements and follow four simple steps!

  • STEP 1


    Acquire a Microsoft Office 365 License

    Ensure you have an active Microsoft Business 365 (Basic, Standard, Premium) or Office 365 (E1, E3, E5) license.

  • STEP 2


    Get an additional license to use MS Teams for calling

    -If you have a Microsoft 365 Business license, you must purchase the Teams Phone Standard add-on per user.

    – If you have Office 365 E1 or E3, you must purchase the Teams Phone Standard add-on per user (already included in the E5 license).

    -If you have an Office 365 E5 license, the Teams Phone Standard add-on per user is already included.

  • STEP 3


    Become a modulus subscriber

    Subscribe to Modulus VoIP services and activate SIP Trunk for MS Teams.

  • STEP 4


    Use your telephone numbers via MS Teams

    Request for new telephone numbers allocation or demand portability for existing numbers to Modulus network and integrate them with Microsoft Teams.


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