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    Embrace The Remote Work Era

    Office-based work belongs in history. Remote or hybrid working schemes are taking place in this captivating new business world; modulus offers the telecommunication solutions needed to get your business up and running in the “remote work age.”



Work From Anywhere

Adopting our VoIP telephony and vPBX services is the explicit way to transform your business into a remote work-ready environment. Give your employees the freedom to handle their calls regardless of their location or device, and equip them with the enterprise-grade features offered via our Virtual PBX.


Accessing the above perks is simple; all you need is a subscription to our services, Internet access, and, at the same time, zero investments in specialized infrastructure.


modulus app

Take Your Business With You

Do you need full access and control over your business telephony system?


Our exclusive softphone app turns “the work from anywhere and any device scheme” into reality. Call management, live balance monitoring, call transfer, and forwarding are all accessible from one place.


MS Teams & modulus

Forge Your Teamwork Culture

Our VoIP telephony service integrates with MS Teams to boost your remote team’s productivity and collaboration. Enjoy chat, video conferencing, meetings, telephony, and more in a one-stop shop. Work smarter, not harder.


Your “Work From Anywhere” Toolkit

We offer a broad range of services, promising to deliver the optimal remote work solution that covers your business’s operational needs.

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    VoIP Telephony

    Move your communications anywhere with VoIP Telephony

  • virtual_pbx_by_mdoulus


    vPBX- The ideal phone system for remote-work

  • modulus_together_with_teams

    MS Teams

    All-in-one-app! VoIP telephony & all the Microsoft Teams Platform’s features via a single app.


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