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Experience, rapid deployment, and the quality of services/solutions are some reasons to entrust us as your telecommunication partner.

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    No.1 VoIP Provider

    Being the leading VoIP provider in Greece for over a decade ensures that we will deliver state-of-the-art telecommunication solutions for your business.

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    Rapid Deployment

    Understanding your needs, our team of experts constantly strives to deploy your chosen solution in the most timely manner.

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    Value for Money

    We are proud to declare that offering the most affordable charges does not mean that we discount the quality of our services.

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    Connecting your business with 3rd party systems and always staying at the forefront of developments is crucial, and that’s why we are constantly developing integrations that scale your powers.

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    Free Trials

    Being a vital part of our transparency policy, VoIP & vPBX 10-day free trials are offered to check our unique service proposition.

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    Exquisite Support

    We treat you not as a customer but as a partner, which is why our technical support team is always there for you.


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Always in the pursuit of innovation.

Entrusting our innovative team is the most straightforward way to secure a future-proof path for your business communication.

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    Microsoft Teams


    All-in-one-app! VoIP telephony & all the Microsoft Teams Platform’s features via a single app.

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  • speech2text_modulus_telephony_app



    Saving both time and resources, process automation, elevated CX & better data management are only some perks of such an exquisite integration.

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  • Queuemetrics_call_center_stats_modulus



    Analyze the strengths & weaknesses of your call center, eliminate common operational pitfalls, and unleash the real power of your asterisk-based PBX.

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