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    Get a VoIP number for only €15/year

    Does maximizing your business telephony powers while reducing costs sound interesting to you? If so, shifting to VoIP is a one-way option. Enjoy competitive domestic/international call rates accompanied by the lowest fixed charges in the market.


What is VoIP?

“Voice over Internet Protocol” term speaks for itself. In short, VoIP deploys a calling process over the internet in approximately the same way as well-known apps such as Viber. Upgrade your business telephony capacities (mobility, scalability) without the restraints and costs of traditional landlines just by adopting a VoIP solution.



Why switch to VoIP telephony?

  • Low fixed costs, only €15/year.
  • The lowest calling rates for domestic outbound calls (*mobile and fixed*).
  • Affordable international calling rates (*with no roaming fees*).
  • No need for upfront hardware investments.
  • Greek numbers from any geographical location.
  • International phone numbers from any country.
  • Your fixed number can move along with you since your connection is virtual.
  • Communicate via any device with a speaker, microphone, and access to the internet.
  • Enhance remote abilities: redirect office calls to your mobile.
  • Add extra channels (trunks) to make or receive multiple calls easily.
  • Upgrade your business communications by combining modulus VoIP with modulus vPBX.
  • Get a number in 1 day.
  • Smooth transition from conventional telephony to VoIP. Internet access and a modulus VoIP subscription are the only things you need.
  • Number Porting: Of course, you can maintain your phone numbers and transfer them to the modulus network.

Staying Analog in a Digital World?

Unleash your business communications potential & shake off the shackles of traditional telephony.

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We build it according to your needs!

As the leading VoIP provider in Greece, we deliver what you need. We develop our solutions by always offering you the most innovative and powerful tech at the most reasonable price.

  • modulus_VoIP_Portability

    Number Portability

    Changing an existing number could harm your business; bring us your phone number.

  • call_transfer_modulus_VoIP

    Call Transfer

    Streamline call transferring. Transfer your active call to a colleague with ease.

  • moduus_voip_service_multiple_endpoints

    Many endpoints

    Receive a call simultaneously to multiple devices (smartphone, laptop, VoIP telephony device).

  • modulus_VoIP_simultaneous_calls

    Simultaneous Calls

    Receive multiple simultaneous incoming calls to a single number.

  • call_forwarding_modulus_voip

    Call Forwarding (Self-install)

    Divert your office calls from your correspondents to any fixed or mobile number of your choice.

  • fax2mail_VoIP_modulus

    Fax to E-mail

    Receive incoming fax messages as PDF attachments to a preset e-mail address.

  • modulus_VoIP_call_parking

    Call Parking

    Preserve phone numbers & utilize them whenever you need them.

  • call_history_modulus_voip

    Call History

    Access a brief report of your calls ( call’s type, phone number, duration, cost).

  • modulus_voice_app

    Dedicated Softphone App

    Enjoy free access to the modulus VoIP softphone app and free technical support.

  • voip_international_numbering_modulus

    International Numbers

    Obtain a number from the UK (+44), USA (+1), Germany (+49), France (+33), and other countries.

  • greek_voip_numbers_modulus

    Greek Numbers

    Get a number from the Attica region (210), Thessaloniki (231), or any other geographical region in Greece.

( Modulus vPBX )

Do you need IVR Menus & Ring Groups?

Enrich your communications with refined call center features.

Discover vPBX

modulus app

Stay In Charge Of Your Comms

Balance monitoring, simple call divert process, call recording, free technical support, and total compatibility with modulus services are key reasons to download our softphone app.

Learn More
  • call_forwarding_modulus_app

    Call Forwarding


    Call Transfer


    Live balance


    Push Notifications


    Call History






    High-quality audio


VoIP Equipment

VoIP devices are in the form of a standard telephone with a different connection type. Instead of a telephone line, they use your local home or business computer network. Get your VoIP equipment directly from us!

  • modulus_VoIP_equipment

    IP Phone Device

    for your home and office.

  • modulus_DECT_IP_Wireless_Phone_devices

    DECT IP Wireless Phone

    for indoor wireless communication.

  • wifi_phone_devices_modulus

    Portable Wi-Fi Phone Device

    for wireless communication on premises with Wi-Fi coverage.

  • fax_machines_modulus

    Fax machine or T.38 software

    for indoor wireless communication.

  • digital_pri_modulus

    Digital PRI / BRI Circuit Gateway

    to connect conventional TDM technology call centers.

  • analog_fxs_modulus

    Analog FXS / FXO Circuit Gateway

    to use simple analog devices or fax machines.

  • applications_on_smartphones_modulus

    Application on Smartphone / Tablet

    to have a fixed-line wherever a 4G / 5G or Wi-Fi network is available.

  • free_voip_solutions_modulus

    Software on P/C

    for zero acquisition costs and special applications (e.g., call center).

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