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    DR Plan: Secure Your Business Continuity

    As the leader within our industry, our mission is to offer you niche communication tools to upgrade your business. Going one step forward, we also aim to shield your business continuity that passes through a thoroughly planned and implemented disaster recovery plan and the high availability infrastructure. Let’s focus on the first, shall we?


DR Plan

Who Is It For?

Regardless of the industry, business phone systems are critical infrastructures for organizations and businesses of any size. Besides the design and the enactment of high-availability arrays, it is also vital for your business to have a disaster recovery plan. In fact, the DR plan is required even if a high availability array has not been deployed in a system.


DR Plan

How Does It Work?

A disaster recovery plan defines the processes and steps that need to be followed in the event of a catastrophe, such as the destruction of equipment (e.g., fire, flood) or even its theft. The DR plan is developed and implemented according to the necessities of each project. However, common to all scenarios is maintaining a backup that is stored remotely (off-site backup).


DR Plan

DRaaS by modulus

With over a decade of experience, our tech experts can deliver a Disaster Recovery Plan for organizations of any size, regardless of the project’s complexity. modulus harnesses the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure to store your off-site backups securely. Through this method, it is possible to recharge a fully operating system within 2–3 hours through the restore process.


Our VoIP-Based Solutions

Great, now that you are fully aware that your business continuity is ensured via our custom-made disaster recovery plan and high-availability services,

let’s talk about your business’s voice enablement and communication toolkit.

  • VoIP_telephony_by_modulus

    VoIP Telephony

    Take your business communication everywhere.

  • virtual_pbx_modulus


    The cloud-based solution to upgrade your business.

  • Teams_VoI_Telephony_modulus

    MS Teams

    All-in-one-app! VoIP telephony & all the Microsoft Teams Platform’s features via a single app.


Let’s Plan Your DR Plan Together

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