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    Streamline Your Global Presence

    Transforming your corporate communication into your business’s global footprint is vital in a unified and hyperconnected world. The VoIP solutions of modulus are the most straightforward way to raise the “voice of your business” worldwide while reducing costs and eliminating the restrictions of standard telephony.


VoIP Telephony & Virtual PBX

Web-Accessed Business Communication Everywhere

VoIP technology’s nature allows you to stay in charge and fully access your business telephony as long as you have an internet connection.


Our VoIP telephony service offers your business the freedom to start thinking globally. Your employees obtain the right to answer or make calls from anywhere and by any endpoint device, transforming your corporate communication into a genuinely global and unified tool. Also, a combination of modulus VoIP telephony and Virtual PBX service enriches your company’s communication with niche call center features.


Global Presence with Local Trust

International & Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Are you doing business in multiple countries? Do your customers spread around the globe? Do you have offices, partners, or employees abroad? If any of the above is the case for your company, modulus has the solution.


With a list of international phone numbers from more than 65 countries and toll-free numbers from more than 30 accordingly, modulus offers the opportunity for a truly global presence. Using dedicated international phone numbers can streamline your inbound and outbound communication processes. Customers and other business stakeholders will be less reluctant to make or receive a call from a familiar phone number than from an unknown foreign number.


Cheap International Calls

Affordable International Call Charges

Take advantage of modulus’s numbering scheme and supply your business with international and/or toll-free numbers.


Enhance the global reach of your brand and raise your customers’/prospects’ satisfaction levels by offering them the opportunity to contact your business with affordable international call charges or no call charges at all.


Your Global Presence’s Toolkit

Choose the solution that best suits your needs and start shaping your business’s VoIP technology-based global presence.

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    VoIP Telephony

    Take your business communication everywhere.

  • virtual_pbx_modulus


    The cloud-based solution to upgrade your business.

  • modulus_MS Teams_integration

    MS Teams

    All-in-one-app! VoIP telephony & all the Microsoft Teams Platform’s features via a single app.


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