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    High Availability Maximize Your Business Resilience

    As with the disaster recovery plan, high availability is crucial regarding business resilience/continuity. Of course, modulus utilizes over ten years of experience to offer a consistent High Availability as a Service (HAaaS), developed according to the needs of each business.


The Process

High Availability as a Service

Securing the high availability of a VoIP telephony system passes through a risk assessment/ analysis aiming to reveal single points of failure (SPOFs), which should be minimized or zeroed.


Some assurance practices could be the following:


  • Multiple servers hosting a virtual call center (Virtualization High Availability)
  • High Availability Network infrastructure(stackable switches/routers, MLAG, etc.)
  • Multiple servers’ interconnections with the network infrastructure
  • Multiple routes to the Internet (leased line, xDSL, LTE, etc.)

Once the project’s needs are analyzed, the defined points are optimized accordingly to reach the desired result. Finally, tests are performed on all subsystems to certify the system’s expected behavior once the enactment is complete.


Our VoIP-Based Solutions

Great, now that you are fully aware that your business continuity is ensured via our custom-made disaster recovery plan and high-availability services,

let’s talk about our telecommunications services.

  • VoIP_telephony_service_modulus

    VoIP Telephony

    Take your business communication everywhere.

  • virtual_pbx_modulus


    The cloud-based solution to upgrade your business.

  • Microsoft_Teams_modulus

    MS Teams

    All-in-one-app! VoIP telephony & all the Microsoft Teams Platform’s features via a single app.


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