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    modulus app for Windows

    Supercharge Your Desktop Voice Experience with the modulus app for Windows! Unlock powerful features like BLFs (Busy Lamp Fields), DND (Do Not Disturb)settings, dynamic conferences, and seamless call transfers. Download and promote your remote team’s communication dominance today!



What is modulus app for Windows?

The modulus app for Windows is designed explicitly for our VoIP and vPBX clients. It’s simple to set up and runs smoothly. Additionally, it’s free for our main service users.


Exciting Possibilities

Enhance Your Desktop Communication

  • Contacts Import



    Effortless Contacts Management

    Seamlessly bring in your contacts remotely through a JSON or CSV file.

  • Endpoints Registration


    Multiple Endpoints Support

    Use one desktop and account on the modulus app for Windows to control multiple endpoints efficiently.

  • Speed Dial


    Make Instant Calls

    Effortlessly connect with your key contacts using quick, one-touch speed dialling.

  • Call Transfer Options


    Effortless Call Handling

    Seamlessly move calls where they need to go. Make it personal with an Attended Transfer, or keep it swift with the Blind Transfer option.

  • Do Not Disturb Mode


    Take Control with DND

    Put a pause on incoming calls with a simple tap. Stay focused on what really matters.

  • Login-only Process


    Simple & Swift Setup

    Say goodbye to complex configurations. Just enter your username and password, and you’re ready to roll!

Side Benefits

The Carefree

Windows App

  • free-of-charge-desktop-app-by-modulus


    It’s our way of saying thanks! modulus app for Windows is part of all our VoIP Telephony packages and is free.

  • modulus-windows-app-compatible-with-VoIP-vPBX-services

    Fully Compatible

    Our native app is perfect for VoIP and vPBX users, seamlessly fitting into the modulus ecosystem.

  • modulus-app-for-windows-with-free-technical-support

    Technical Support

    Count on us for excellent 24/7 technical support — we’ve always guaranteed it and won’t charge for our gratitude!


Your Desktop Call Management Toolbox

Supreme Calling Powers In Your Fingertips

  • DND-mode-modulus-app-for-windows

    DND Mode

    Make yourself unavailable for calls on busy days by turning on the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

  • Busy-lamp-filed-feature-modulus-app-for-windows


    Ensure communication efficiency; Use the busy lamp field to keep everyone in the loop.

  • remote-contacts-import-powers-by-modulus-app-for-windows

    Contacts Import

    Harness the power to import contacts remotely with JSON or CSV files.

  • Call History

    Preserve and easily access your recent call activity with information such as caller ID, call duration, call status, etc.

  • call-transfer-powers-by-modulus-app-for-windows

    Call Transfers

    Choose how you want to transfer your calls, choosing among attended or blind transfer options.

  • call-recording-by-modulus-desktop-softphone-app

    Call Recording

    Keep call records easily in WAV or MP3 formats and store them locally on your PC.

  • call-conferencing-with-modulus-app-for-windows


    Add a third person to your active call by pressing the CONF button.

  • HD-audio-by-modulus-app-for-windows

    HD Audio

    Enjoy high-definition audio on your business calls.

How to use the app?

The Zero-Effort Process

  • Step 1

    Get a VoIP Number

    Acquire at least one VoIP number from the modulus network.

  • Step 2

    Download the app

    Download the modulus app for Windows using an MSI file.

  • Step 3

    Log In

    Fill in your username and password.

Download it now for free!