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{[{rate.destination_name}]} +{[{rate.common_prefix}]} {[{rate.min_rate| number:4}]} - {[{rate.max_rate| number:4}]} €/minute {[{rate.min_rate| number:4}]} €/minute No Charge + {[{rate.connection_fee| number: 4}]} €/call

Combine with our Virtual Call Center service - vPBX

  1. All prices include 24% VAT & 5% Fixed Telephony Subscribers Fee.
  2. Charges are applied per second and by rounding up the second decimal digit.
  3. Services are offered on a pre-paid basis. The minimum deposit amount is 5 €.
  4. Calls to network modulus numbers are not charged. However in case said numbers have been ported to third networks this does not apply.
modulus five digits help center number

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