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    We serve a diverse customer base in Greece, including small businesses, organizations, and prominent companies. Our innovative services cater to each customer’s unique needs, and we ensure exceptional support for their success.

    Our clientele spans industries like telecom, shipping, finance, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce. We are excited to grow and help more businesses thrive.

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We help companies to transform themselves

Always true to our mission, we seek to develop our activity to be inextricably linked with the development of our customers’ activities. We have vast experience in many market sectors, and we always make sure to build a relationship of trust with our customers.


We know very well how IT companies and IT consultants work, and we cover all their needs at a technical and consulting level so that they can use our services as efficiently as possible. We invest in long-term partnerships, always focusing on our customer-centric approach.

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Call Centers

For call centers, perhaps more than any other business activity, telephony is critical. We know very well that the volume of calls you are called upon to handle is enormous. We have innovative solutions tailored to your needs that will boost your productivity and make your everyday life easier.

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modulus telephony services can improve your communication on multiple levels and be financially viable, especially in an industry where employees can be in a different part of the planet every day. We have all the necessary means to offer you stable and reliable communication.

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Public Sector

We have the experience and the momentum to undertake large projects that require strong design and reliable infrastructure. We have fully responded to the complex needs of the public sector projects we have managed, and our specialized personnel provides 24/7 support to serve all possible needs that may arise.

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