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    Call Center Stats

    Get real-time data on your call center activity, run reports, set up alerts, and unleash the real power of call center analytics with QueueMetrics, a call center reporting software for Asterisk-based PBX phone systems.


What is QueueMetrics?

QueueMetrics is a call center tool for Asterisk-based phone systems that provides analytics and metrics. You can access real-time or historical call data from the current minute, yesterday, last month, or even last year. It’s easy to use and provides all the information you need.


Business Telecoms Unleashed

Capitalize on the absolute customization freedom of the FreePBX communication platform & the real-time intelligence offered by QueueMetrics stats to skyrocket your business performance.



Call Data Is The New Gold

How many calls were answered this month? What are the peak hours and days? What’s going on in the call center right now?

These are only some of the daily questions that call center supervisors, and managers have.

Answer all these questions quickly and easily through relevant log searches, dashboards, or reports for past or real-time data.

Not satisfied with the call center metrics presented in the reports? No, fuss! You can customize your reports using your formulas and metrics.



Supervision Was Never Easier

If you are a call center supervisor, you will love QueueMetrics.

Besides checking call center analytics & running reports to assess the agents’ performance, you can also make real-time actions for calls in progress and save the day.

Pause or remove agents, listen to a call, and coach agents in real time by “whispering” relevant advice. You can even record calls and listen to them whenever convenient.



Wednesday Morning Is For Analytics

Would you like to receive specific reports on the call center activity every Wednesday at 11? There is a way!

You can plan to receive specific reports in your email on particular days and times.

So in case you forget to check the call center analytics during the week, the email with the scheduled reports will act as a reminder for you.



Monitor Specific Metrics & KPIs

Would you like to know when your customers are waiting for more than 30 seconds? With QueueMetrics, you can plan to receive smart alerts that will indicate when a particular variable exceeds a specific value you have set.

Monitor your call center performance intelligently and automatically, according to your KPIs, and detect any deviations and problems as soon as possible.


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