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    Unlimited customization, a vast array of add-ons/integrations to build upon as you grow, plus total scalability; “Free” in FreePBX stands for “Freedom,” and modulus is here to build from the ground up the unified communication platform that your business requires.


What is FreePBX?

FreePBX is the open-source web-based graphical user interface (GUI) used upon Asterisk to streamline an IP-PBX system’s development from the Asterix core. The absolute power of FreePBX derives from the robust global community of developers, constantly offering the key features and the necessary compatibility to out-perform the corporate needs and expectations about business phone systems.


VoIP & FreePBX

Unleash your business potential with a unified communication platform & the lowest call charges simply by selecting modulus.

VoIP Telephony


Safe & Trustworthy

FreePBX is a product powered by Sangoma, the leading global Communications as a Service (CaaS) provider. Relentless testing and security updates are self-evident for such an organization.



CRM Integrations

The CRM Link module ensures smooth collaboration between your CRM software and the FreePBX. Call history data, call recordings, voicemails, and additional calling-related functionalities can be accessed through your CRM.


FreePBX presently offers native support for:

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho CRM
  • Sugar CRM
  • Suite CRM
  • ConnectWise

Did you not find your CRM solution above? There is no trouble as a dedicated built-in API allows integrations with CRMs, not included in the native support.



Scalable & Compatible

FreePBX is probably the most embraced open-source, web-based GUI in the market. Compatible with most virtual machines or hardware and with over 200 endpoints, it ensures that your FreePBX will operate with any IP phone, conference solution, or other systems you already have at your disposal.



Vast Add-ons Marketplace

FreePBX marketplace offers numerous features to choose from, such as call center packages, IP phones, high availability, and more. Most of the additional features include a 25-year license, which means the features opt-in will be with you as your business grows.



Browser-based UI

The graphical user interface (GUI) that is fully accessible from the web browser makes it easy to manage features, maintain, update, and make system changes by taking advantage of the force emerging from the Asterisk base.



Worldwide Language Support

FreePBX, the world’s dominant open-source IP-PBX, allows users to select local language support for endpoint devices. That means your business phone system will always remain active and operational, regardless of the location.


FreePBX Add-ons

Pushing Forward the Limits

Building up and customizing your business communications system is a limitless process for modulus asterisk-based experts within the FreePBX ecosystem. We present only an indicative sample of add-ons offered, as everything you need or aspire around your unified business communication system is possible for us!

  • conference_room_ivr_by_freepbx

    Conference Room IVR

    Better manage your existing conference module via the central admin panel. Moreover, as an admin, you can define conference room IVRs for selected groups of conference rooms.

  • virtual_queues_voip_telephony

    Virtual Queue Plus

    Dynamic queue penalty rules, virtual queues, queue call back, and extensive destination controls enrich your business communications with top-notch contact center features.

  • fax_capacities_freepbx

    Fax Pro

    Streamline the faxing process for any member of your organization. Utilize the FreePBX Web Interface to send outbound faxes by filling up a phone number and uploading a PDF or a TIFF file.

  • setting_up_pin_codes_with_freepbx

    Pin Set Pro

    This module allows system administrators to define security pin codes directly on the extension level and to gain high-detailed control per extension, enabling outbound routes to be dialed without pin codes.

  • freepbx_softphone_apps

    FreePBX Softphones

    Empowered by Sangoma, FreePBX softphone apps ensure a unified communication experience for your employees and customers anywhere and from any interface.

  • freepbx_endpoints_management

    Endpoint Manager

    It is a web-based UI facilitating the auto-provision and configuration of up to 300 endpoints (desk phones, mobiles, gateways, and others). Set up phone buttons, add background images, and reboot phone devices at will.


Call Center Monitoring

Real-time statistics, pre-constructed reports, or custom ones are all you need to monitor your FreePBX’s performance using only one software!


Build Up Your FreePBX

Unleash your business phone system capacities!