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    Get faxes by email with Fax to Email

    We are introducing our fax to email service concerning your incoming faxes. The concept is simple and user-friendly, as the name implies; via this service, subscribers can receive the inbound faxes at a pre-defined email address (or multiple email addresses) as attached PDF files.

    modulus fax2mail service

The Context of The Service

We deliver a fax2mail service at no extra cost, as the only charge applied is the annual fee for using a VoIP number. If you do not ask us for a memorable phone number (e.g., 2312315000); In that case, the service’s cost is fully incorporated into the modulus’s InBundle Standard service, which comes at €15/year (final consumer price).


The only limitation of fax to email service is that the defined fax2mail numbers have exclusive use of fax and can not simultaneously serve telephone calls (of course, the switch is possible within a working day!).

Benefit 1

Charge-Free Modification

Zero cost when configuring the service, as well as for adapting the number between fax2mail / telephony.


Benefit 2


No need for hardware (fax machine or paper).

  • Benefit 3

    Ιnsignificant cost

    Affordable annual service fee.

  • Benefit 4

    Rapid Activation

    We need only a working day to address your needs.

  • Benefit 5

    24/7 Technical Support

    Experience the unparalleled, free-of-charge technical support of modulus experts.


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