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    The next-gen Virtual PBX from €50/year

    IVR, Voice to E-mail, Virtual extensions, Conference rooms; modulus vPBX improves your business’s operation by delivering an integrated communication experience, eliminating the costs of conventional call centers.


What is vPBX ?

vPBX is a virtual call center empowered by VoIP technology. Transferring the entire calling process (inbound/outbound calls) over the Internet allows businesses of any size to move smoothly toward the remote era of operations and maximize their office-based capacities.



Reap all the Benefits of vPBX

  • Low fixed cost, starting from €50/year.
  • No need for upfront investment in IT infrastructure.
  • No hardware is required.
  • Low call charges for domestic and international calls (when combined with our VoIP telephony services).
  • Low maintenance cost & free Support.
  • A compatible device & internet connection are all that is required, and your business call center operates from anywhere.
  • Enter your business in the age of remote work; Present an integrated communication experience to your employees and customers.
  • Scale the modulus vPBX to suit your needs at no extra cost.
  • Spare yourself from the complex wiring of outdated PBX systems.
  • vPBX is compatible with the devices of your choice (laptops, smartphones, tablets, VoIP devices).
  • Make your own choices (no vendor or system lock-in).


The Essentials of a Cloud Call Center

modulus vPBX integrates all the features defining the concept of the “Modern Cloud Call Center.” Most important? These are coming with no need for significant upfront investments in IT infrastructure and equipment.

  • interactive_voice_response_modulus_vpbx

    Interactive Voice Response

    Voice Gateway with menu options for the subsequent routing of each call to the appropriate destinations.

  • ring_groups_modulus_vpbx

    Ring Groups

    Groups of devices receiving the same calls simultaneously or according to priority policy (e.g., Ring Group: Commercial Department).

  • modulus_vpbx_queues


    Priority queues for serving a large volume of calls by a small number of agents.

  • modulus_vpbx_time conditions

    Time Conditions

    Different call handling depends on time and day. Preset options for holidays.

  • vpbx_welocme_message

    Welcome Messages

    Set the desirable welcoming announcement for your incoming calls (e.g., Welcome to modulus).

  • modulus_vPBX_conferences


    Teleconference service for three or more participants with optional PIN protection.

  • modulus_vPBX_Voicemail2mail

    Voicemail to E-mail

    Receive voicemail messages as an attached mp3 audio file to an e-mail.

  • modulus_vPBX_DID_numbers


    All network subscribers can call public phone numbers to converse with a destination in your center.

  • modulus_vPBX_Virtual_Extensions

    Virtual Extensions

    Virtual extensions are 3- or 4-digits numbers used for internal (vPBX) communication.

  • modulus_vPBX_PSTN_Destinations

    PSTN Destinations

    Include an external destination (e.g., a mobile connection) in your virtual call center.

  • modulus_vPBX_DISA

    Direct Inward System Access

    Use your call center even when you cannot access the Internet.

  • modulus_vPBX_Group_Pickup

    Group Pick-Up

    Colleagues within the same ring group, e.g., Customer Support Group, can answer any call their group receives by dialing «*0» if their colleagues do not pick up the calls.

  • Direct Pickup

    Pick up a call intended for a colleague by dialing «0» accompanied by the ringing device’s extension number(e.g., *311).

  • fax2mail by modulus

    Fax to E-mail

    Receive incoming fax messages as PDF attachments to a preset e-mail address.

  • modulus_vPBX_Email2Fax

    E-mail to Fax

    This feature relieves you from the need for a fax machine. Outgoing faxes are sent via e-mail as PDF attachments.

use cases

vPBX’s Applications

Take Your Enterprise-Grade Communication to New Heights

Whether you wish to enhance your remote capabilities and boost your global reach or need an innovative call center (free of infrastructure), modulus vPBX meets your need by serving a variety of customizable features.

  • global_reach_modulus_vpbx

    Global Reach


    Combine our vPBX and VoIP telephony services to ensure constant business availability and affordable global reach from any device and location.

    Read More
  • modulus_vpbx_remote_powers

    Remote Powers


    Get a complete, cloud-based call center solution that is fully equipped for remote work and requires no additional infrastructure.

    Read More
  • call_centers_solutios_modulus

    Call Centers


    Obtain a modern business phone system with advanced call center features and integration opportunities, that is both flexible and scalable, for your small or medium-sized business.

    Read More
( VoIP )

vPBX goes hand in hand with VoIP telephony.

Reduce your telephony costs, enjoy the lowest call charges, and get numbers initially originated in almost any country.




To use our virtual call center, you need to subscribe to the modulus vPBX service, have an internet connection, and get compatible devices, which connect to your local home or business computer network instead of a phone line.

  • modulus_VoIP_equipment

    IP Phone Device

    for indoor wireless communication.

  • modulus_DECT_IP_Wireless_Phone_devices

    DECT IP Wireless Phone

    for indoor wireless communication.

  • wifi_phone_devices_modulus

    Portable Wi-Fi Phone Device

    for wireless communication on premises with Wi-Fi coverage.

  • fax_machines_modulus

    Fax machine or T.38 software

    to send and receive faxes without using an analog gateway.

  • digital_pri_modulus

    Digital PRI / BRI Circuit Gateway

    to connect conventional TDM technology call centers.

  • analog_fxs_modulus

    Analog FXS / FXO Circuit Gateway

    to use simple analog devices or fax machines.

  • applications_on_smartphones_modulus

    Application on Smartphone / Tablet

    to have a fixed line wherever a 4G/5G or Wi-Fi network is available.

  • free_voip_solutions_modulus

    Software on P/C

    for zero acquisition costs and special applications (e.g., call center).

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