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    Your Call Center Solutions Powered by modulus

    Release your business from the shackles and liabilities of copper wires. Upgrade your operational capacities while minimizing telephony costs and the need for high infrastructure investments. Take advantage of modulus’s 24/7 technical support and obtain maximum scalability/flexibility options at your call center.


Call center solutions by modulus

Privileges of a VoIP-Based Call Center

  • Get as many voice channels as your call center needs and at no extra charge in providing outgoing voice channels.
  • Capitalize on our simple numbering/spectrum of numbers schemes, ideal for a business DID configuration setup.
  • Integrate the numbers you hold with other fixed or mobile providers.
  • Get domestic phone numbers from 70 areas in Greece and 50 countries abroad, possibly integrating them into a shared call center.
  • Benefit from our transparent/affordable call charges applied per second and by rounding up the second decimal digit.
  • Better manage your call center’s high CPS (calls per second).
  • Handle numbers and channels without the constraints of physical circuits.
  • Deploy our services without requiring expensive telephony equipment such as PRI cards, channel licenses, etc.
  • Get all the phone lines required via a single Internet connection.

Call center solutions by modulus

Guaranteed High Availability & Functionality

  • Operate the service on a disaster site without loss of functionality.
  • High availability of services, even in case of total disaster, with the option of automatic call forwarding in case of internet interruption.
  • Utilize your telephony services from backup internet connections if needed.

Call center solutions by modulus

Flexible & Scalable Call Center

  • Get your new lines and phone numbers in 1 day.
  • Upgrade and customize your services plan within a business day.
  • Access our 24/7, free of charge, technical support.
  • Obtain all the phone lines you require via a single Internet connection.

Our Call Center Systems

Are you looking for a cloud-based solution? Perhaps an easy-to-manage, equipped with numerous add-ons phone system?

Does your business need a unified communication platform with absolute freedom to build upon as you grow?

How do you feel about call center analytics? Regardless of your needs, modulus has to offer the most suitable solutions.

  • virtual_pbx_modulus

    Virtual PBX

    The ideal cloud-based solution for small & medium call center service providers.

  • FreePBX_by_modulus


    “Free” stands for our experts’ freedom to scale up your call center’s unified communication platform as you grow.

  • 3cx_business_phony_system


    A future-proof call center solution with a vast marketplace of add-ons promising to cover any need.


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