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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Mission

We try to stay active and responsive to society’s needs at modulus. We always focus globally on problems, which is why we want our actions to concern people, the environment, and animals. As a company, we want to contribute to the valuable work produced by people and organizations with a vision for a better tomorrow.

Supporting a new &

improved generation


ARK Of The World

Ark Of The World fights daily for the care of the mother and the child, providing them with psychological and legal support, medical care, food, and clothing. We have allocated a free call center, 10 phone numbers, and 10 VoIP telephone devices.




ELEPAP’s mission is to provide every child with a disability and their family with lifelong support from infancy to adulthood. Their vision is that every child with a disability in Greece has the care they need. We have allocated 2 telephone numbers and a call center.


Group of Social Inequalities and Environment of the Youth Parliament

The Youth Parliament is an educational program organized by the Hellenic Parliament. Groups are formed to work on a topic focusing on issues of democracy and rights concerning school life, the local community, and society. We have allocated a phone number and 10 voice channels.


Showing empathy

for current needs


Lifeline Hellas

The Lifeline Hellas is a Non-Profit Voluntary Organization with the primary objective of ensuring quality and dignified living for older people (65+). We have allocated the short codes 1065 (National Elderly Helpline) & 116123 (European Adult Helpline) and 100 consecutive landline numbers from the modulus network.



ELEPAP’s ARTemeis is a “shop” that gives life and work to adults with disabilities. Employees express themselves through unique artistic creations and utilize their skills in various jobs! We have allocated the annual usage fee of the number 2107233819.


The Happy Act

The Happy Act aims to optimally serve people on the Autism spectrum and carries out actions to create ideal service conditions for people with disabilities and cultural change toward a more accessible society. We have allocated 2 telephone numbers and a call center service.


Investing in our

planet’s sustainability


Hellenic Voluntary Firefighters Association

The volunteer firefighters intervene together with the professional firefighters in urban and forest fires, rescues, traffic accidents, floods, and earthquakes. We have provided the annual usage fee of the numbers 2102204195 & 2102204199 and the vPBX Starter service.


Hellenic Rescue Team

The Hellenic Rescue Team is a Search and Rescue Non-Governmental Organization, whose members voluntarily participate in search and rescue operations in cases of emergencies and mass disasters. We have provided a free landline telephone number that covers the secretariat and operational needs.


Soma Ellinikou Odigismou (SEO)

Odigismos is a global, autonomous, independent organization with a pedagogical character aimed at children and young people. We have allocated 7 geographical numbers and a call center with 9 positions.