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    modulus softphone app

    Searching for a softphone app that you can configure in 1 minute, is free of charge, has all the features you need and works perfectly with our VoIP telephony services? Then, you are on the right page.



What is modulus softphone app?

Introducing modulus softphone app – the dedicated app that integrates perfectly with our services. By using our app, you can make and receive calls, view account balances, forward calls, record conversations, and more, all on your smartphone.


Exciting Possibilities

Makes your life a tad easier

  • Easy Set-Up


    2 Step Set-Up

    Forget complex configuration processes. In only 2-steps, the modulus softphone app is up and running.

  • Live Balance


    Live Balance Monitoring

    Are you tired of guessing your balance? Modulus softphone app takes the guesswork out since you can check your credit balance live in-app anytime!

  • Call Forwarding


    Automatic Call Forwarding

    Call forwarding was never easier. Go to the settings, specify the number you wish to forward calls to, and you are set!

  • Notifications


    Push Up Notifications

    Leverage the power of push notifications to stay notified in real time while reducing your battery drain.

  • Call History


    Call Activity

    Access all your call activity easily with information such as caller ID, phone number, call duration, call date and time, and call status.

  • Call Transfer


    Transfer calls easily

    Do you need to transfer a live call to another number? Easy! Just press the transfer icon and specify the number you want to transfer the call to.


There is No Excuse

  • free_of_charges_modulus_app

    No Additional Cost

    modulus softphone app is part of all our VoIP Telephony packages and is provided free of charge.

  • modulus_app_modulus_voip

    Fully Ιntegrated

    Which softphone app works best with our VoIP Services? The answer is easy to guess.

  • modulus_support_upon_app

    Technical Support

    Do you need any help? No worries! You can have free customer & technical support for the modulus app whenever needed.


Advanced Call Features

modulus app has all the features you need from a softphone app.

  • balance_monitoring_modulus_app

    Live Balance

    As an app fully integrated with our VoIP telephony services, the modulus mobile app lets you check your remaining balance live through the app.

  • hd_call_audio_modulus_app

    High-quality audio

    Supporting advanced codec selections such as Opus, G.722, G.729, G.711, iLBC, and GSM enables calling of superior audio quality.

  • modulus_app_call_transfering_options

    Call Transfer

    Transfer a call easily to another extension, agent, or external contact without losing the caller.

  • call_forwarding_modulus_softphone_app

    Call Forwarding

    Automate call forwarding of incoming calls to the number of your preference from the settings menu.

  • call_history_modulus_app

    Call History

    Check all the details of your call activity, such as caller ID, call duration easily, and call status from a dedicated tab.

  • contact_lists_by_modulus_app

    Favorite Contacts

    Do you have specific contacts that you often communicate with? Save them as favourite contacts and personalize your communications.

  • call_recording_modulus_softphone_app

    Call Recording

    Record live calls and listen to them whenever you want.

  • push_notifications_modulus_app

    Push Notifications

    You will stay notified about all the calls with push notifications without draining your device’s battery.

  • device_compatibility_modulus_app

    Multi-device access

    modulus app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems and can be used on your mobile phone or tablet.

What do I need to do?

4 simple steps

  • Step 1

    Get VoIP Numbers

    First Step? Get at least one VoIP number!

  • Step 2

    Download the app

    You can easily download the app from Google Play or App Store on your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Step 3

    Log In

    To log in to the app, use your VoIP number credentials.

  • Step 4

    Accept the permissions

    Accept all the required app permissions.

Download it now for free!