Call recording for ISDN PRI lines

Record conversations to ensure quality and compliance with regulatory requirements

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Integrated telephone call recording solution

Modulus modREC is an integrated passive call recording product for ISDN PRI lines. The passive recording technique means that the recorder does not interfere between the conversing endpoints, but simply receives copies of the sound being transmitted through the telephone circuits. In this way the quality of communication remains unchanged, while your PBX continues to operate even if the recorder fails or is deactivated for scheduled maintenance.

modulus modREC

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Sound Waves

Audio encoding and editing

Sound is compressed immediately after the end of a conversation so that the device can maintain more recordings for longer periods of time.

Furthermore, it is possible to save the sound received from the two endpoints that are talking to different files for each endpoint, so that you can always discern the content of a conversation, even when the interlocutors are talking loudly or at the same time.

High Reliability Equipment

The product is based on top quality manufacturers' hardware and has all the necessary features to ensure its funcionality's high availability.

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