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What is a VoIP PBX?

A VoIP PBX, or an IP PBX, is a business telephone system that utilizes VoIP technology to deliver voice communications over the internet instead of the public switched telephone network.

✓ Lower call rates for domestic and international calls

✓ Lower fixed charges

✓ Ideal for remote work

✓ Compatible with different device types

✓ Very flexible and easily scalable

✓ No need for IT infrastructure within your company

Reap the benefits of a VoIP Phone System

Lower Cost

With VoIP telephony, you get to enjoy much lower call charges for domestic or international calls and zero roaming fees.

Also, you can cut your hardware, infrastructure and maintenance costs significantly.

Integrations & Custom Apps

VoIP telephone systems can be easily integrated with third-party systems such as your CRM. Also, there is the possibility to have customized applications developed for you and integrated with your telephone system.

Remote Work

With a VoIP phone system, employees can work from anywhere, such as their own homes, co-working spaces or even from different cities and countries, as long as they have an internet connection.

Scalable & Flexible

Α VoIP PBX is a phone system that is much easier to scale and expand compared to the traditional PBX systems. To expand a VoIP PBX, you only need to add "virtually" more phone lines and extensions to the system!

Less Complex

A VoIP PBX eliminates all the complex hard-wiring of an old-fashioned PBX. Specifically, in the case of a hosted/cloud PBX, all you need is a subscription to a VoIP provider, an internet connection, compatible devices, and you’re good to go!

More Simultaneous Calls

Did you know that you can receive more simultaneous calls with a VoIP PBX? Generally, VoIP PBX phone systems are designed to handle higher call volumes than traditional PBX.

Rapid Set-Up

Are you in a rush? We can set up a VoIP PBX for you in just 1 day! We are a vertically integrated company, a VoIP PBX system provider and a VoIP telephony provider simultaneously, which makes us extremely fast in having your VoIP PBX system up and running.

Use any Equipment

You can use a wide range of equipment for a VoIP PBX, such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet, IP phone device, and from a wide range of manufacturers. So, if your budget is limited, you can operate a VoIP PBX with laptops or desktop computers as your "telephone devices".

Discover all the Features of a Modulus VoIP PBX!

VoIP PBX Types


Hosted PBX

Cloud - vPBX

High Availability

An on-premises VoIP PBX is "built" and "located" within your private infrastructure in your business premises.

This configuration means that your telephone system's hardware, software, and infrastructure are all stored and operated within your place of business.

✓ Utilization of existing IT infrastructure

✓ Custom Applications & Integrations

✓ Recording

✓ Access to Asternic Call Centre Analytics

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Why Modulus?

No1 VoIP Provider in Greece

A great partner in VoIP PBX installation.

24/7 Customer Support

Delivery and installation in 1 day

Reliable Infrastructure

Free Maintenance

Security & Safety

Special applications & Integrations

We are the market leader VoIP telephony provider in Greece.

We are highly specialized in VoIP technology, and we have vast experience with VoIP PBX.

Many reputable clients in the private and public sector have trusted us to "build" their telephone system.

Our team comprises highly specialised IT professionals specializing in VoIP technology, VoIP PBX telephone Systems and Telecommunications who can help in every instalment step, any maintenance issues or any question you may have.



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This solution is customized to each customer's needs and is priced per case. Contact Us to get a Price Quote.

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